Craft Your Unforgettable Bio

This post is the last in a series of seven discussing authenticity and professionalism in an age of a collapsing overburdened economic system reliant on bad, perpetual debt. All the featured photographs have been of brick and stone; images that speak of building materials, construction and masonry. The reason? Because it is time to deconstruct the traditional production and consumption models and reconstruct a new postmodern, debt-free world invigorated with new hope and passion.

The chances of introducing some head-spinning ways of a new debt-free economy significantly improve when you place people’s stories within the economic context of justice. If you can craft a new story, using all the existential lessons of human history and talk to the next generation in a winning way that doesn’t disqualify your experience, everything will come together.

Every court of human compassion must hear the case of discrimination and the gory details of the way of oppression and the self-interest of the financially powerfully. But the ‘prophet’ of such a message, ought to pray and not lose heart because seeking justice requires continual and wearisome adversarial work that will be troublesome. To avenge speedily demands that injustice screams out not through human hatred or bitterness, but a cry of passion. The anxiety caused by debt is huge.

2016-01-28 13.01.51

In my novel ‘Never, Never, Debt!’ I try to capitalise on my unique voice and style to create an unforgettable story. The work is a fictional journey of a bankrupt chef and a morally failed investment banker, raising the question: Who is the most bankrupt? The manager who won’t whistle-blow on immoral business practices or the chef forced into bankruptcy by her husband? The formation of the answers comes from within their conversations. In other words, the imaginations of a new post-capitalist economy founded and built with the bricks and stones of community, solidarity, justice, gift, service and subsidiarity.


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