Hi! I’m Alan Wearring-Smith, the author behind the character Debs Verani, ex-Chef Patron of The Tide restaurant in Perranporth, Cornwall and investment banker Steve Walsh struggling to whistle-blow on unethical practices in corporate finance.


My writing reflects my desire to warn the modern world that insupportable levels of personal, corporate and governmental debt will cause untold misery for the masses. It just takes one event, one occasion to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, one misjudgement, for the financial status quo to crumble and lo and behold catastrophic failure. I know all this from the bitter experience of personal bankruptcy.


You will soon be able to check out my book – Insupportable Debt! – a story of despair and then hope in the face of financial and moral bankruptcy – and other stories that are written to encourage open conversations, and challenge stereotypes.


“Peace with God often demands conflict with current systems and prejudices – never through aggression but rather through respectful resistance.”


If you want to contact me, please include a message with a sentence or two about your story. I want to connect with people, movements, and sojourners. Otherwise, just follow me in the usual way.


I’m a dog-walker and a Leeds Utd glory supporter from the 1970’s. The companion of a tutor helping people discover their creativity in flowers and father of children at university, college & school, I am fascinated by how spirituality is the bedrock of reality. I’m an avid follower of social media relating to literature, politics, and faith and know some of the best chefs in the UK as friends.


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